CRONA Scholarship 2021 - Accepting Applications Through December 26, 2021!

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SHC and LPCH Contracts

LPCH Contract 2019 - 2022 SHC Contract 2019 - 2022

PNDP Documents

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MONEY Issue 2021 – all about the MONEY in our contract benefits 10/31/2021 →

  THE 2021 MONEY ISSUE  A printable PDF of this issue is located here. DISCLAIMER: This newsletter is written by CRONA Nurses, who are not financial, legal, or tax advisers. We advise you to do your own research and consult the appropriate professionals. We make a best effort to research the information in this newsletter […]

The Weingarten Rule

The Supreme Court has ruled that you are entitled to have representation during any meeting in which you are questioned and that may result in discipline. You must invoke these Weingarten Rights by requesting a CRONA Representative.

The Contract

The manager must notify you of the subject of any meeting. If the manager is giving you a written warning, he/she must notify you of your right to have a CRONA representative present.