Your Negotiation Team wants to hear from you – how does the ability to use pre-approved vacation and education impact your life and how you feel about your job? Please let us know by sharing your story with us at

In our 2016 Negotiations, the Nurses of CRONA negotiated contract language to protect Nurses’ ability to use the PTO they earn to schedule pre-approved vacations and education time.

Prior to securing this contract language, many Nurses had difficulty getting vacation time; on at least one unit, Nurses were told that no vacations would be approved. Similarly, for many Nurses, it was difficult if not impossible to use education time unless the Nurse did so above commitment, and Nurses often received approval too late to secure lower rates for conferences and travel.

The hospitals do not want to keep this negotiated language in the contracts. Already your Negotiations Team has heard from Nurses who are concerned that managers are resistant to providing pre-approved vacation and education time. But we know that to provide the best patient care, Nurses need to be able to take care of themselves.

We’re all CRONA Nurses – help your CRONA Negotiations Team secure a contract that improves and protects the working conditions, wages, and benefits that will ensure current CRONA Nurses want to stay, and recruit the future CRONA Nurses needed to fully staff the hospitals.

  • Share your stories with your Negotiations Team
  • Keep reading the Negotiations updates
  • Come to membership meetings
  • Encourage your fellow CRONA Nurses to stay informed
  • Ask how you can help

In Unity,
CRONA Negotiation Team


Membership meetings the first week of March

Tuesday, March 5 at 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. in the Linda Meier Boardroom, 3rd floor SHC

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