CRONA Made Our Case: We Need a Truly Competitive Economic Package

Last week CRONA made the case for a truly competitive economic package. This week we continued to explain to the hospitals why wage increases and improvements in our retirement and other benefits are necessary to recruit and retain world class Nurses. We gave the hospitals additional data on our current retirement and retiree medical benefits. The numbers are clear – our retirement and retiree medical benefits don’t measure up. We need wage increases and benefits improvements to start to close the gap between us and our competitors.

Nurses Need Protection from Workplace Violence

Nurses deserve to be safe at work. Current workplace violence policies and plans don’t do enough to protect us. CRONA told the hospitals that Nurses need a voice on the committees that develop workplace violence policies and training. Nurses should not be required to continue to work with patients or family members who have threatened or assaulted them, unless there are no other staff available. The hospitals so far have not agreed.

We Need Improvements to Other Working Conditions

We also pressed for improvements in other working conditions. Among other issues, we’ve told the hospitals:

  • Nurses should have the option to take a temporary relief position to allow us to pursue further education.
  • If a part-time nurse leaves, the position should be posted as part-time. We need to continue to have reduced commitment positions available for Nurses who need them.
  • We need to remove some of the red tape that makes nurses feel like they can’t use education funds. If a manager or CNO approves an expense under our Educational Assistance Program, an outside vendor should not be able to reverse that decision.
  • Current protections in our contracts that prevent changes to attendance policies should be maintained.

Going Forward

The hospitals say they will respond to our economic proposals next week. Our contract expires March 31, 2019. We will keep you posted as we work hard to reach an agreement on the improvements to our wages, benefits, and working conditions that Nurses need and deserve.


Stay strong and stay tuned for more updates.

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