Dear fellow CRONA Nurses,

I am a nurse on the PNDP ladder and have worked at Stanford hospital for over 15 years. I work part-time, and occasionally pick up extra shifts to help staff my unit. I can honestly tell you that the only reason I’ve been able to stay here this long is because I can work part time.

Nursing is incredibly rewarding, but we all know this is no “normal” job. As front-line nurses, we see death and dying on a daily basis. We witness suffering and helplessness every day we come to work. We even take verbal and sometimes physical abuse from our patients. If we don’t practice the right kinds of self-care, the moral injury and ethical distress Nurses experience each and every day can be debilitating to our home lives, our ability to care for our patients and our overall wellbeing. For me, working part time is the self-care I need. Part-time work gives me the ability to have a healthy balance in my life. I’m grateful that our CRONA representatives are working to protect this for us.

In solidarity,
Your colleague

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