Dear CRONA members,

Getting discipline for being sick is an outrageous idea in healthcare. As a patient, I would not want myself or a loved one to be cared for by a nurse who is sick.

In the past, the hospital had a more severe policy that reviewed sick calls over one month, quarterly, and annually, and disciplined nurses when “excessive” absences had occurred. I had the misfortune to get sick twice in one month during one winter. My coworkers came to work sick all the time because of fear of being punished, so I probably caught my illnesses from them. Because I actually stayed home when I was ill and because my two illnesses happened to fall within the same month, my absences were deemed “excessive” and I received a verbal warning. I thought that was outrageous, but I learned my lesson. After that, I started coming to work sick, just like my coworkers. Management may have been happy, but nurses and patients were not the better for it.

Nurses should never feel driven to work while ill.

– A concerned CRONA Nurse

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