Update: Strike Vote Has Passed

CRONA members have voted to authorize a strike. The vote required a 2/3 majority of the entire membership, and it has passed. CRONA nurses have spoken – and are ready and willing to strike if that’s what it will take to get a fair deal.

CRONA has been negotiating with the hospitals since January, but we have not been able to reach an agreement with the hospitals on the wages, benefits and working conditions Nurses need and deserve.

As Nurses, we put our patients first. Our patients deserve to be cared for at hospitals where nurses are not overworked, where units are not chronically understaffed, and where nurses are supported and respected. Stanford and Packard are known for their world-class patient care, but they need to support the nurses who make that care possible.

We Put Our Patients First

High turnover and understaffing are bad for patients. We have explained to the hospitals that they need to have a truly competitive package to improve hiring and retention. As the hospitals expand, we know they need to hire even more nurses.

In the second half of last year, average Bay Area cost of living increases were 4.3%. The hospitals’ proposal to raise base salaries by 3% is unlikely to even keep up with the increasing cost of living in the Bay Area. CRONA Nurses deserve better wages and benefits. And we need better wages and benefits to attract and keep new nurses.

What’s Next

The hospitals have formally requested the assistance of a federal mediator and we will continue to meet with the hospitals. But the members have spoken loudly and clearly: we are ready and willing to strike if that’s what it will take to get the wages, benefits and working conditions we deserve.

In the case of a strike, CRONA’s Executive Board will issue a formal strike notice to the hospitals, and the strike could begin as soon as ten days after we give notice. We care about making sure that patients are cared for and will offer to work with the hospitals on contingency planning.

What You Can Do Now

We need management to see that we are united, and that we are ready to strike if that is what it will take. Wear your CRONA buttons and CRONA badgeholders. Keep yourself informed, and help spread the word among your colleagues.

To prepare for a possible strike, you should obtain your immunization and TB testing records from Occupational Health. (Occupational Health. Contact occhealth@stanfordhealthcare.org. Main hospitals: 650-723-5922. Redwood City: 650-721-7316.)

You can also print copies of your most recent performance evaluations. Check out the CRONA website for strike planning resources.

The CRONA Executive Board and Negotiation Team will continue to provide updates about negotiations and strike preparations. We will inform the membership as soon as we issue a strike notice and will also keep you up to date on our ongoing efforts to secure a contract agreement.



Keep up to date with negotiations by checking your email and attending membership meetings. Download a printer-friendly PDF of this post here.

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