Mediation Update

After CRONA called for a strike authorization vote, the hospitals requested the involvement of a federal mediator. Your negotiating team met twice this week with the hospitals and the federal mediator, but we were not able to reach an agreement. Next week, CRONA will assess whether it makes sense to agree to another mediation session with the hospitals — we will keep you posted. If we meet, it will be next Friday.

The past few weeks have made it clear to management that CRONA Nurses are unified and engaged. Stanford and Packard have built their reputations on providing world-class patient care, and CRONA Nurses are called on to take care of some of the sickest patients and most complicated cases. As Nurses, we put our patients first. Our patients deserve to be cared for at hospitals where Nurses are not overworked, where units are not chronically understaffed, and where Nurses are supported and respected.

CRONA members are writing in with their stories and showing why it’s so important to stand strong for the wages, benefits and work conditions we need and deserve. Your CRONA negotiating team hears you. We will continue trying to reach an agreement with the hospitals that will help attract and retain Nurses. But if the hospitals are not willing to agree to the terms CRONA Nurses need, the CRONA Executive Board will call for a strike.

How to Prepare

In preparation for a potential strike, you should ensure that you have copies of your recent performance evaluations and obtain your immunization and TB testing records from Occupational Health. Contact info below:

Please make sure to also read and bookmark our Strike FAQ. If you have any other questions, send us a note at — we’re here to help.


Thank you to everyone for continuing to stand strong for each other and for your patients!


Keep up to date with negotiations by checking your email and attending membership meetings. Download a printer-friendly PDF of this post here.

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