The contracts include new Certification Pay provisions. To be eligible for the incentive payment, the national certification or recertification must be one that is either (1) the most applicable certification in a Nurse’s area of specialty, or (2) one that supports the basic clinical practice in the Nurse’s area of work.

Additionally, the certification must have been approved by the ANCC or one which the Employer’s Chief Nursing Officer has approved and added to a list of approved certifications, after considering input from CRONA.

ANCC-Approved Certifications
The list of ANCC-approved certifications posted on ANCC’s website as of April 30, 2019 is linked here as an Excel download. Note that the list includes many certification that are not actual ANCC certifications, but are certifications issued by other certifying bodies that have then been approved by ANCC. There are several hundred certifications on the list. CRONA is working with the hospitals to verify the list and those certifications that are accessible to our Nurses.

Additional Approved Certifications
Although the simplest way to qualify for the certification pay is through an ANCC-approved certification, the hospitals will consider other certifications that have not been approved by the ANCC. Such certifications must reflect a discrete body of knowledge and skills with respect to a particular subject matter or scope of practice, and substantiate advanced contributions to nursing practice. At LPCH, there has been advance approval of two certifications: 1) Neonatal Development Designation; 2) National Child Passenger Safety Certification; and 3) NTMC certification will be recognized as one that qualifies for purposes of the certification payments and the PNDP.

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