Know Your Contracts – Know Your Rights

Thank you again to all CRONA Nurses for staying involved and engaged during contract negotiations. Thanks to our unity, we have new labor contracts with the hospitals and are excited to start enforcing them.

CRONA will continue to stand strong for Nurses’ rights, including those under the new contracts. We need your participation to protect these newly won rights.

We Must Hold the Hospitals Accountable

We are proud of the wages, benefits and working conditions secured in the new contracts. CRONA is here for you and will do all that it can to make sure the contracts work for all Nurses. But to resolve any issues you face, we need to know about them.

There are some simple things you can do right away to make sure the hospitals are keeping their end of the bargain. Let CRONA know immediately if you are not paid in accordance with the schedule below or if you are not being permitted to use your ESL in accordance with the contract.

Increased Base Wages and Retroactive Pay

Nurses at both Stanford and Packard should receive base wages at the negotiated increased rates in your June 7, 2019 paychecks. These paychecks reflect pay for the first full pay period following ratification of the contracts (May 19 – June 1).

Your June 7, 2019 paycheck should also include retroactive pay. The retroactive pay covers four pay periods, from March 24 through May 18.

Please let CRONA know if you do not receive an increased base wage rate and retroactive pay on June 7. Note that, at LPCH, the hospital has stated that retroactive pay for Nurses receiving step increases between March 24 and June 1, may be delayed by one pay period. Please let CRONA know if you are affected by this delay.

Use Your ESL Benefits

As reflected in new contract language, the hospitals have clarified that Extended Sick Leave (ESL) may be used on a Nurse’s fourth day illness. This means that it does not need to be your fourth day of absence from work – just your fourth calendar day of being sick – in order for you to use ESL.

Please let CRONA know immediately if you experience any problems with using ESL in this manner. CRONA is concerned that the hospitals’ managers and staffing offices are not yet consistently implementing this correctly. But we can only enforce Nurses’ right to use ESL if you let us know when there are problems.

Certification Pay

Nurses who already have a qualifying certification (see here for information), should upload their certifications to their professional profiles in Healthstream by July 7, 2019. Nurses who do so will receive a $2,000 payment in their September 13, 2019 paychecks. Please let CRONA know if you have any questions regarding the certification pay or how to upload information in Healthstream.

If you do not already have a qualifying certification, but obtain one and submit proof through Healthstream by March 31, 2020, you will be eligible for a $2,000 payment in May 2020.

Stay Informed

We will be holding meetings and publishing more information about the new contracts so that all CRONA Nurses are informed and know their rights. So stay tuned! In the meantime, we want to encourage everyone to help us hold the hospitals to the terms of the new agreements. Your CRONA representatives are here for you, no matter what. Write to us at

When CRONA members stand together, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Stay involved, speak up, and stand strong!


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