CRONA Will Not Stand for Stanford Hospital’s Violation of the New Contract. All CRONA Nurses Should Be Receiving the Benefits of the Newly Negotiated Contracts.

CRONA is committed to making sure Nurses know their rights under the new labor contracts and making sure the hospitals fulfill their obligations under the new contracts.

Thanks to everyone who has already written to CRONA to let us know where the hospitals are falling short. As detailed below, Stanford Hospital is not complying with the new contract in several respects and CRONA is taking action to hold the hospital accountable.

Getting your feedback will allow CRONA to make sure the contracts work for all Nurses.

Increased Base Wages and Retroactive Pay

Nurses at both Stanford and Packard should receive base wages at the negotiated increased rates today, in your June 7, 2019 paychecks. These paychecks reflect pay for the first full pay period following ratification of the contracts (May 19 – June 1). Let CRONA know immediately if you do not see an increased base wage rate in your paycheck. Not sure what your new wage should be? Have a look at the new wage scales on the CRONA website. These wage scales are for Regular Nurses only – Limited Relief, Relief A, Relief B add $10/hour; Relief C and Relief D add $7.50/hour.

CRONA heard from Nurses that Stanford failed to make retroactive payments. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. Stanford Hospital has now informed CRONA that it does not intend to pay retroactive wage increases (for the four pay periods spanning March 24 through May 18) until July 19, 2019. CRONA has told the hospital that this delay is unacceptable and CRONA will take action to ensure the hospital complies with the contract. The hospital has provided no justification for this unreasonable delay in payment.

As CRONA previously wrote you, most Packard Nurses will receive retroactive pay in today’s paycheck. Packard has stated that retroactive pay for Nurses who received step increases between March 24 and June 1 may be delayed by one pay period. Please let CRONA know if you are affected by this delay.

Increased Preceptor Differential

Nurses at both Stanford and Packard are entitled to receive the increased preceptor differential of $3 per hour beginning May 19. (This is the beginning of the first full pay period following ratification.)

CRONA Nurses have already let us know that Stanford is in violation of the contract and failed to implement the increased preceptor differential. CRONA will enforce the contract to make sure all Nurses are correctly paid. CRONA has told the hospital it needs to come into compliance immediately.

Packard Nurses, please let CRONA know if you experience any problems receiving the new preceptor differential.

CRONA also wants to remind all Nurses that the decision to become eligible for preceptor assignments is voluntary. If you volunteer to act as a preceptor, you have a number of new rights:

  • The hospital must provide you an opportunity to complete a Preceptor Training Program prior to serving as a preceptor.
  • If you participate in a Preceptor Training Program, the hospital must pay you for your time and expenses, and must use best efforts to allow you to participate within your regular commitment.
  • Once you are a qualified preceptor, you may request to be removed from the preceptor program or be relieved temporarily of preceptor duties. That request should be made to your manager and may not be unreasonably denied. Your manager must also provide you an estimate in writing of the time period by which your request may be granted.

Additionally, every unit must maintain a list of qualified preceptors. The goal of this provision is to ensure that management is not unduly relying on the same people to precept. Make sure your unit has a list of qualified preceptors and if it doesn’t, let CRONA know.

After CRONA Reported Problems with ESL Use, Stanford Committed to Comply With ESL Benefit

As covered in last week’s update, the negotiated contract language clarifies that Extended Sick Leave (ESL) may be used beginning on a Nurse’s fourth day of illness or injury. This means that it does not need to be your fourth day of absence from work – just your fourth calendar day of being sick or injured – for you to use ESL.

After last week’s update, a number of Stanford Nurses reported problems using ESL. Based on this prompt feedback from Nurses, CRONA reported these problems to the hospital, including the specific instances in which the staffing office and managers had misapplied the ESL benefit. Stanford has now committed to complying with the ESL benefit.

CRONA will remain vigilant. Please continue to report any problems – either at Stanford or Packard – with using ESL beginning your fourth day of illness or injury.

Reminder to Upload Certifications for Certification Pay

Nurses who already have a qualifying certification should upload their certifications to their professional profiles in Healthstream by July 7, 2019. Nurses who do so will receive a $2,000 payment in their September 13, 2019 paychecks. Please let CRONA know if you have any questions regarding the certification pay or how to upload information in Healthstream.

If you do not already have a qualifying certification, but obtain one and submit proof through Healthstream by March 31, 2020, you will be eligible for a $2,000 payment in May 2020.

See CRONA website, for more information about certification pay and write us if you have questions. Start by reading the information available HERE.

Stay Informed

Thank you to everyone who is helping CRONA hold the hospitals to the terms of the new agreements. Your CRONA representatives are here for you, no matter what. We will hold the hospitals accountable to all the terms and conditions of the new labor contracts. Write to us at Read more about all the new contract terms on the Negotiations 2019 page on our website, HERE.

When CRONA members stand together, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Stay involved, speak up, and stand strong!


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