Dear CRONA Nurses,
During negotiations, your CRONA Negotiation Team worked hard to make sure all nurses were fully informed about the progress of negotiations, and the proposed contract language being discussed at the bargaining table. Now that negotiations are over, we still have a lot of work to do to make sure the hospitals follow both the new contract language as well as existing contract language.
The CRONA Executive Board is committed to making sure that all CRONA Nurses continue to have the opportunity to be well-educated about not only our contract language, but also state and federal laws that affect us. These include laws about protected leaves, staffing ratios, meal/break periods, workplace violence, and more. Look for discussions of these topics, and more, in future newsletters.
In Unity,
Colleen Borges,
CRONA President

Check Your Checks: New Hourly Rates, Preceptor Differential Updated, SHC Retro Pay Missing

New Hourly Rates
As of the June 21 paycheck, all CRONA Nurses should be getting paid their new hourly rates. Please verify that your new hourly rate is correct. You may find the wage scales for Regular Nurses on the CRONA website. Wage scales for Relief Nurses are not yet published, but may be calculated by adding $10.00/hour to the Regular Nurse rate for Limited Relief, and Relief A and B. Add $7.50/hour for Relief C and D.
Please note that although the wage tables say April 1, it is actually the pay period that includes April 1 (because it’s too complex to change rates in the middle of a pay period), so the actual effective date is the pay period starting on March 24, 2019.
Preceptor differential
Both SHC and LPCH Nurses should now be receiving the new differential rate of $3.00/hour for precepting hours. The hospitals still have to calculate retro pay for previous pay periods when the new rate was in effect but not updated in the payroll system. CRONA is following this issue closely.
SHC Retro Pay
Stanford still has to calculate retro pay for nurses – this is the difference between the previous and newly negotiated hourly rates. Nurses should receive retro pay for the time between when the new rates took effect, March 24, and the time the hospitals started paying the new hourly rates. Stanford has reported having difficulty making these calculations and informed CRONA that Nurses should not expect to receive their retro pay until mid July. CRONA is following this issue closely.
LPCH Retro Pay
Luclie Packard did not report having any issues calculating retro pay, and LPCH Nurses should already have received their retro pay. If you are a CRONA Nurse at LPCH and did not receive retro pay, please let us know at

CRONA Picnic at Great America on Sunday, August 18 – Save the Date!

Bring your family and join CRONA Nurses for a picnic at Great America on August 18. We have reserved a private picnic area and will have a free lunch for everyone from 1:00 – 3:30. We will haw discounted tickets available for those who do not have an annual pass. Parking is included with our discounted tickets. Look for a special email in the next couple weeks with all the details, and make plans to have a fun family day on August 18!

Certification Pay – Deadline Coming Up!

CRONA negotiated new contract language that provides payments to nurses with qualifying certifications. For the first year of the contract, Nurses will receive a payment of $2000 for having earned a certification. The $2000 payment will be made at one of two times, depending on when proof of certification was uploaded to Healthstream. The first payment date is September 2019 for nurses who upload proof of certification by July 8, 2019. The second opportunity to receive payment will be May 2020 for nurses who upload proof of certification between July 9, 2019 and March 31, 2020.
Proof of certification includes a copy of your certification card, or a letter from the certifying organization stating that you are certified, or a letter stating that you passed the certification exam – whichever is provided to you by the certifying organization.
To be eligible for the incentive payment, the national certification or re-certification must be one that is either (1) the most applicable certification in a Nurse’s area of specialty, or (2) one that supports the basic clinical practice in the Nurse’s area of work.
Additionally, the certification must have been approved by the ANCC or one which the Employer’s Chief Nursing Officer has approved and added to a list of approved certifications, after considering input from CRONA.
To review the list of certifications, including information about additional approved certifications, please see the CRONA website.
Have questions after reviewing the information on our website? Send us an email

CRONA Webinar – Back By Popular Demand

We hosted online membership meetings during negotiations that were very popular with nurses. For all those who gave such positive feedback – thank you! Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we’re gong to use the same format for the monthly membership meeting in July. We will be holding our first online membership meeting on Sunday, July 7 from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Look for a special email with meeting access codes that we’ll send out the week of the meeting.
In-Person Monthly Meeting For All CRONA Nurses and Area Representatives
In-person membership meeting for July will be held only on Tuesday due to the holiday, on Tuesday July 2 from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. Location is the SHC Linda Meier Boardroom, located on the 3rd floor between C and D pavilion. Hope you will join us!



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