Certification Pay – Deadline Coming Up!


There are just a few days left til the July 8 deadline to upload proof of certification in order to receive payment of $2000 on September 13, 2019. This information must be uploaded to your Profile in Healthstream. For Nurses currently on LOA who do not have Healthstream access, your manager has access and you can send your proof of certification to your manager to upload to your Profile. To be eligible for the incentive payment, the national certification or re-certification must be one that is either (1) the most applicable certification in a Nurse’s area of specialty, or (2) one that supports the basic clinical practice in the Nurse’s area of work. The certification must also be on the approved list of certifications. For questions about qualifying certifications, see the Certification information on the CRONA website Negotiations 2019 page, http://crona.org/negotiations/.

If you do not have a certification now or do not upload proof by July 8, you can still get the $2000, but it will be in May 2020. You will have until March 31, 2020 to upload information. After the first year, payments will be $375 in quarterly installments for a total of $1500/year. The first quarterly installment will be paid in May 2020.


CRONA Picnic at Great America on Sunday, August 18 – Tickets Available Now!


Bring your family and join CRONA Nurses for a picnic at Great America on August 18. We have reserved a private picnic area and will have a free lunch for everyone from 1:00 – 3:30. We’ll also have free chair massage available during the picnic – sign up for slots on arrival to lunch. MUST SIGN UP FOR PICNIC IF YOU ARE COMING – WE ORDER THE FOOD AHEAD OF TIME, AND NEED ACCURATE NUMBERS!

 If you have a season pass, sign up for lunch so we’ll have food ordered for you. If you don’t have a season pass, we have discount tickets that include parking – a great value! Sign-up link is in the emailed newsletter, let us know if you didn’t receive it. Wear your CRONA t-shirts to be eligible to enter a raffle for a prize – we’ll have limited quantities of t-shirts available at the picnic for those who don’t have one. Hope you’ll make plans to have a fun family day on August 18!


CRONA Webinar – Back By Popular Demand


Join us on Sunday, July 7 from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. for our first regularly scheduled online membership meeting. Look for a special email with meeting access codes that we’ll send out the day of the meeting, so the email will be at the top of your Inbox We’ll be discussing current topics and answering your questions. It’s a great way to get information, hope you will join us.


Positions Available: Workplace Violence Prevention and Nurse Practice


Nurse Practice: The Nurse Practice Committee is an important joint CRONA-Nursing Administration committee that develops policies such as Pre-Approved Education and Vacation Policy, Floating Policy, A-Day Policy, and more. Nurse Practice also reviews ADOs and follows other issues important to CRONA Nurses. These positions are for a two-year term, starting September 2019. See the SHC Nurse Practice and LPCH Nurse Practice Job Description on the CRONA website for additional information.

Workplace Violence Prevention: CRONA negotiated new contract language to ensure the voice of the bedside is heard in the hospitals’ Workplace Violence Prevention committees. Two CRONA Nurses from each hospital are needed to represent bedside nurses on these committees. The two Nurses must be from different patient care regions. See the SHC Workplace Violence Prevention Task Force and LPCH Workplace Violence Subcommittee Job Description on the CRONA website for additional information.


Education Hours and Funds – Time is Running Out!


CRONA Nurses have until August 31 to use Education hours and funds – don’t leave money on the table. New contract language means you have until August 31; the last day to use is no longer tied to the pay period. The SHC schedule request period for the schedule ending August 24 is about to close, so make sure to request to use your time now. You may not carry over hours to the next year unless you have requested to use them and been denied; LPCH Nurses may only carry over 16 hours. CRONA recommends staying ahead – plan your 2019 – 2020 Education time now.


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