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CRONA Newsletter – July 19, 2019


Check Your Checks – SHC Retro Pay Due This Paycheck


SHC Nurses – your retro payments are supposed to be in today’s paycheck. LPCH Nurses, you should have received your payments last month.

LPCH was able to calculate retroactive wage and differential payments in June, but SHC administration reported that they would not be able to calculate and make the payments until the July 19th paycheck.

Every nurse should check her or his paycheck to ensure that retro payments for wages and preceptor differential were paid. If there are errors, you must contact HR/Payroll for corrections, and let CRONA know so we can follow up.


Holiday Bundling – New Contract Language


CRONA negotiated new contract language that allows Nurses to vote to have their holidays – the day of the holiday with the holiday eve – bundled, so a Nurse who is off for the holiday is also off on the holiday eve. For LPCH, this is one of the two designated Winter Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s; for SHC, this is either Christmas and New Year’s.

The deadline to vote is September 1, and since the manager has two weeks to hold the vote following a vote request, that means requests should be made no later than mid-August. You must request the vote by filling out the Holiday Bundling Request Form and sending the form to your manager. CRONA strongly recommends that you submit the form via email and Cc: CRONA on the email. The form is available on the CRONA website on the Forms page.


Workplace Violence Prevention and Nurse Practice Committee: Deadline to Apply is July 26


CRONA has two positions on each of these committees, for both hospitals, available now. Interested CRONA Nurses must apply by submitting a Consent to Serve to CRONA. Applications due July 26, 2019.

Nurse Practice Committee

The Nurse Practice Committee is an important joint CRONA-Nursing Administration committee that develops policies such as Pre-Approved Education and Vacation Policy, Floating Policy, A-Day Policy, and more. Nurse Practice also reviews ADOs and follows other issues important to CRONA Nurses. These positions are for a two-year term, starting September 2019. See the SHC Nurse Practice and LPCH Nurse Practice Job Description on the CRONA Vacancies page of the CRONA website for additional information.

Workplace Violence Prevention

CRONA negotiated new contract language to ensure the voice of the bedside is heard in the hospitals’ Workplace Violence Prevention committees. Two CRONA Nurses from each hospital are needed to represent bedside nurses on these committees. The two Nurses must be from different patient care regions. See the SHC Workplace Violence Prevention Task Force and LPCH Workplace Violence Subcommittee Job Description on the CRONA Vacancies page of the CRONA website for additional information.


CRONA Picnic at Great America on Sunday, August 18 – Tickets Available Now!


Bring your family and join CRONA Nurses for a picnic at Great America on August 18. We have reserved a private picnic area and will have a free lunch for everyone from 1:00 – 3:30. We’ll also have free chair massage available during the picnic – sign up for slots on arrival to lunch. MUST SIGN UP FOR THE PICNIC IN ORDER TO RECEIVE LUNCH!


Please note: Deadline to purchase tickets is August 1st.


If you have a season pass, sign up for lunch so we’ll have food for you. If you don’t have a season pass, we have discount tickets that include parking – a great value! Sign-up link is in the email. Wear your CRONA t-shirts to be eligible to enter a raffle for a prize – we’ll have limited quantities of t-shirts available at the picnic for those who don’t have one. Hope you’ll make plans to have a fun family day on August 18!

Link to Sign-up, click HERE.


Call for Bylaws Changes & Annual CRONA Convention

Call For Bylaws Changes

The Bylaws Committee will be reviewing the Bylaws in August, and considering proposed revisions. Any CRONA member may propose changes to the Bylaws. Proposed changes must be submitted in writing (email OK) to CRONA no later than August 2 to be considered.

It is part of our Bylaws that there is an annual review of current Bylaws, and any proposed changes are discussed by the Bylaws Committee. Any proposed changes to the CRONA Bylaws must be voted on by the House of Representatives at the annual CRONA Convention. The House of Representatives is made up of the Area Representatives of both hospitals. Once changes have been approved by the House of Representatives, they are put to the membership for a ratification vote.


CRONA Convention

The annual CRONA Convention is held the first Tuesday in October; this year it will be October 1st. All Area Representatives are expected to attend the convention or send a designated alternate. Area Representatives may request to have the day of the CRONA Convention count towards their commitment, and the hours scheduled as PTO or Absent time (ATO or no-pay). Area Representatives, be sure to request October 1 as Red-R if you are attending outside of your commitment, or as PTO/ATO/no-pay if you want to have the day count towards your commitment. Per the CRONA contract, “CRONA’s Nurse designees shall not be unreasonably denied Absent days and/or the use of PTO to attend Nurses’ Association Conventions and/or meetings required by the Employer or the CRONA Executive Board.” Please let CRONA know immediately if you have any issues with scheduling for Convention.


Know Your Contract – Precepting Pay When You Precept Travel Nurses!


Are you a Preceptor? If so, you are entitled to the Preceptor differential when you precept a travel nurse! CRONA negotiated this new language for the 2019 – 2022 contract, make sure you are taking advantage and getting this pay. If you are being asked to precept travel nurses, and you are not getting paid the Preceptor differential, send us an email at so we can follow up. And if your manager says, “You’re not precepting, you are orienting”, let us know so we can correct any misunderstandings.

Want to read the language for yourself? It’s on the CRONA website Negotiations 2019 page for SHC and LPCH.


For a printer-friendly PDF of this newsletter, click HERE.

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