CRONA Newsletter – August 16, 2019


CRONA Convention

The annual CRONA Convention is held the first Tuesday in October; this year it will be October 1st. All Area Representatives are expected to attend the Convention or send a designated alternate. Area Representatives may request to have the day of the CRONA Convention count towards their commitment, and the hours scheduled as PTO or Absent time (ATO or no-pay). Area Representatives, be sure to request October 1 as Red-R if you are attending outside of your commitment, or as PTO/ATO/no-pay if you want to have the day count towards your commitment. Per the CRONA contract, “CRONA’s Nurse designees shall not be unreasonably denied Absent days and/or the use of PTO to attend Nurses’ Association Conventions and/or meetings required by the Employer or the CRONA Executive Board.” Please let CRONA know immediately if you have any issues with scheduling for Convention.

Are you interested in becoming an Area Rep? There are positions open, send an email to to ask if there are currently open positions for your unit. All positions will be up for election after this fall…


CRONA Elections

It’s election year! All CRONA elected positions are filled by CRONA Nurses, and all CRONA members in good standing vote for candidates and are eligible to be candidates. This includes all positions on the Executive Board, Area Representatives, and committees – Bylaws, Finance, Negotiations, Ballot and Election, and Communications.

Why Are Elections Important?

Your CRONA contract is negotiated and enforced by your elected officers, representatives, and committee members. Your CRONA contract impacts you in your daily working life, and this is how you choose your representatives. If you are interested in one of the positions but don’t know what the requirements are, read more about it on the CRONA Vacancies page of the CRONA website. The most important qualification is motivation to be an advocate for nurses; everything else you can learn.

I Want to Run for Office, But How?

Go to the CRONA website and download the Consent to Serve form. Email to or fax the form to (650) 366-0182. All Consent to Serve forms must be received no later than September 13th. Your name will appear on the ballot for the vote, which will be an online vote during the last two weeks of October. Make sure to tell your fellow CRONA Nurses you are running, and encourage them to vote. At Stanford, there will be changes in Area Representative positions due to the reorganization for 500P. Elections will be held based on how the units will be organized after the new hospital opens; make sure to submit your Consent to Serve for the unit where you will be working in the new hospital.

I’m Currently An Area Rep, Do I Have To Be Re-elected?

YES! Every three years. If you are currently an Area Rep, on a committee, or on the Executive Board, you must submit a new Consent to Serve form in order to be on this year’s ballot.


Holiday Contract Language – Know Your Contract, Know Your Rights

The Labor Day holiday is coming up on the current schedule, and more holidays are coming up – make sure you know the contract language for holidays. Your manager should be planning to open the holiday schedule requests early, in order to work on the holiday schedules in accordance with the following contract language:

LPCH Section 17.10: “The Employer will make a good faith effort to post the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s schedules at least four (4) weeks in advance.”

SHC Section 18.4: “…The Employer will make a good faith effort to post the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s schedules at least four (4) weeks in advance of the schedule period.”

Is Your Unit Closed On A Holiday?

You may request that the holiday be scheduled as part of your commitment, if you’d like to work one fewer days during a holiday week. This request should not be denied if staffing permits. You may use your choice of paid Absent time (ATO), unpaid Absent time (FLEX-NO PAY), or PTO for the holiday. See Section 10.1.4.j. “If work is not available on a holiday, the Nurse may use either PTO or Absent time.”

Do You Have To Work On A Holiday?

From Section 10.1.5: “…Regular Nurses required to work on any actual holiday, except their birthday, will be paid 1-1/2 times the regular hourly rate of pay including any applicable shift differential for all time worked between 10:45 p.m. on the eve of the holiday and 11:15 p.m. on the day of the holiday. In addition to the one and one-half (1-1/2) times pay, the Regular Nurse may claim eight (8) hours of accrued PTO to be paid at the hourly base wage rate plus shift differential if applicable in accordance with Section 7.5.7.”


Temporary Relief Position While Pursuing Education

Eligible Nurses may request a temporary Relief B position in order to pursue a BSN or MSN degree. This is brand-new contract language, and CRONA wants to hear from any Nurse who requests a temporary Relief position if there are any issues. The temporary Relief positions allows an eligible Regular Nurse to a reduced work commitment for up to two years in order to have time to attend school. For the complete contract language, please refer to this excerpt from the new contract.


Eligibility Criteria/Requirements To Apply:

  • Regular Nurse working 0.8 FTE or higher
  • Minimum 5 years of continuous service
  • Enrolled in an accredited educational program culminating in a BSN or MSN
  • Must be minimum of ten (10) Regular Nurses on the applicant’s unit; one position allowed for every seventy-five (75) Regular Nurses on the unit.
  • Must request position at least sixty (60) days ahead of requested start date. If position is available, it will be posted on unit and all eligible Nurses may apply.


Your Right To A Paper Copy Of Your Paycheck Statement

The hospital discontinued mailed paycheck statements earlier this year. Our contract guarantees your right to receive a paper statement. Some Nurses have difficulty accessing eConnect from home, or don’t own a printer, or have other reasons to prefer a paper statement. CRONA strongly advises all Nurses to review every paycheck for accuracy. If you would like to continue to receive a paper paycheck statement, you must submit a request to HR/Payroll.



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