Know Your Contract, Know Your Rights

August 31, 2019

Preceptor Differential for Travelers

Are there travel nurses on your unit? Have you precepted/oriented one or more of them since May 19? If so, did you receive the $3.00/hour Preceptor differential? You should, thanks to the new Side Letter negotiated as part of the 2019-2022 contract.

Make sure you are recording all your precepting time, including your traveler precepting, in API or KRONOS.

If you have not received preceptor pay for precepting/orienting travelers any time after May 19, 2019 (the pay period after the new contract was ratified), let CRONA know!

Here’s part of the language from the new Side Letter: “[A] Nurse assigned to orient a Traveler Nurse shall be eligible to receive the precepting differential (i.e., $3.00 per hour) for all hours orienting the Traveler Nurse while the Traveler Nurse is not in the count under applicable staffing laws and rules.” Read the rest on the CRONA website by clicking on the Signed Tentative Agreement for LPCH or SHC on the Negotiations 2019 page.

CRONA Elections

September 13 is the last day to submit a Consent to Serve to be on the elections ballot. Do it today, don’t be late! Make sure you are on the ballot. If you currently hold a position and are not on the elections ballot, you cannot be re-elected except as a write-in candidate.

I’m Currently An Area Rep, on a committee or the Executive Board, Do I Have To Be Re-elected?

YES! Every three years. If you are currently an Area Rep, on a committee, or on the Executive Board, you must submit a new Consent to Serve form in order to be on this year’s ballot.

I Want to Run for Office, But How?

Go to the CRONA website and download the Consent to Serve form. Email to or fax the form to (650) 366-0182. All Consent to Serve forms must be received no later than September 13th. Your name will appear on the ballot for the vote, which will be an online vote during the last two weeks of October. Make sure to tell your fellow CRONA Nurses you are running, and encourage them to vote. At Stanford, there will be changes in Area Representative positions due to the reorganization for 500P. Elections will be held based on how the units will be organized after the new hospital opens; make sure to submit your Consent to Serve for the unit where you will be working in the new hospital.

Why Are Elections Important?

Your CRONA contract is negotiated and enforced by your elected officers, representatives, and committee members. Your CRONA contract impacts you in your daily working life, and this is how you choose your representatives. If you are interested in one of the positions but don’t know what the requirements are, read more about it on the CRONA Vacancies page of the CRONA website. The most important qualification is motivation to be an advocate for nurses; everything else you can learn.

CRONA Convention

Area Representatives and CRONA Committee members, have you submitted your paystub copy to CRONA for the Convention? Make sure you include:

  • your shift (day/evening/night/rotator)
  • length of shift (8, 10, or 12 hours)
  • your unit
  • Email paystub to or fax to (650) 366-0182

Let CRONA know if you have an issue getting the Convention off. Schedule requests are about to close at SHC, and the schedule for LPCH is about to come out. Make sure that you entered your request to be off on Tuesday, October 1, either within your commitment or in addition to your commitment.

Are you interested in becoming an Area Rep? There are positions open, send an email to to ask if there are currently open positions for your unit. All positions will be up for election after this fall…

Certification Pay – First Payment Coming Soon

If you have a qualifying certification and uploaded proof of current certification to your Healthstream profile, you should receive your $2000 payment on the September 13 paycheck. Make sure you check your paycheck for accuracy – every paycheck.

If you did not upload proof of qualifying certification in time, or had not earned your certification by that time, you are still eligible to receive the first year’s $2000 payment. The deadline to upload the information to Healthstream is March 31, 2020 for payment in May of 2020. After that, certification pay will be $375 per quarter, with the first quarterly payment to be made in July 2020. Remember to keep your certification current and upload proof of current certification when you renew in order to qualify for ongoing payment.


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