Please see bottom of page for instructions on how to send your 403(b) audit request to the hospital.

August 18, 2019

Dear CRONA Nurses at Packard,

For the last several months, CRONA has been working hard to push Packard to fully correct errors made in the administration of its 403(b) retirement plan, a plan in which most CRONA Nurses participate. During this time, CRONA has learned that, partly as a result of the switch to Fidelity in 2018, errors affecting some Nurses’ base and matching contributions from the hospital were made, as well as errors affecting the amounts and tax status of Nurses’ own employee contributions. Many of these errors affected a small number of payroll periods. To date, however, the hospital has identified approximately 500 instances of Nurses being affected by known errors, with some Nurses being affected by more than one type of error. Some, but not all, of those Nurses have received communications from the hospital regarding the errors.

We are writing you today because we are concerned that there may be additional errors that the hospital has not identified to date. The hospital recently informed us that it has not done a complete audit of the 403(b) retirement plan and, instead, has only investigated issues as CRONA and individual employees identified them. CRONA believes a full audit of the last three plan years is necessary and appropriate and has urged the hospital to conduct such an audit.

In addition, CRONA is concerned that CRONA does not yet have sufficient information to assess whether the errors that have been identified by the hospital have been fully remedied. CRONA has had extensive discussions with the hospital about this and recently sought more information from the hospital about the corrections made and the communications provided to CRONA Nurses relating to each correction.

Federal law allows participants in a 403(b) retirement plan to request information regarding their plan accounts, including audits of their individual accounts. In the link here, please find a template that any CRONA Nurse participating in the 403(b) retirement plan can use to request such information relevant to her or his individual account. Please note that this form letter requests that the information be sent to you, preferably electronically. If you wish to share the hospital’s response with CRONA, you can do so by sending the information to the following email address: CRONA’s goal is to review individual Nurses’ responses from the hospital with an eye toward identifying any other widespread problems that need to be fixed. We cannot guarantee, however, that we will be able to review each and every Nurse’s information. Our hope is that the hospital will understand the need to conduct a careful audit and will cooperate in this process.

As you know, CRONA Nurses fought hard for our retirement benefits and CRONA Nurses will continue to stand strong to ensure that our retirement accounts are protected and properly administered.

In Unity,

Colleen Borges, President


How to Send A Request For Your Information

  • Download the letter template from the website at this link. It is a Word document that you are able to edit.
  • Enter your information in every place that needs your particular information (dates, your name, etc), then print and sign the letter.
  • Mail the letter to the hospital, at the address listed at the top of the letter template. Note that at the top, the template states, “VIA CERTIFIED US MAIL, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED”. We recommend sending the letter by certified mail so you have proof of delivery. Save the delivery confirmation receipt.
  • When you receive a response, CRONA requests that you send us a copy of the information to a special email address: You are not required to do this, but having as much data as possible will help CRONA look for patterns of issues.
  • If you do not receive a response within 30 days of delivery, please notify CRONA and send us a scan or photo of your delivery confirmation receipt.

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