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CRONA Newsletter – September 13, 2019


CRONA Elections: Deadline is TODAY

Today is the deadline for the election ballot. Submit your Consent to Serve now!

 Download the Consent to Serve form

 Send the completed form to CRONA:

Email to or fax to (650) 366-0182

 Elections will be held in mid-October

 I’m Currently An Area Rep, on a committee, or the Executive Board – Do I Have To Be Re-elected?

YES! Every three years. If you are currently an Area Rep, on a committee, or on the Executive Board, you must submit a new Consent to Serve form in order to be on this year’s ballot.


Certification Pay – First Payment is Today

If you have a qualifying certification and uploaded proof of current certification to your Healthstream profile, you should receive your $2000 payment on the September 13 paycheck – that’s today. Make sure you check your paycheck for accuracy – every paycheck.

If you believe you should have received the first certification payment, but did not receive it, please let CRONA know. First, double-check your Healthstream profile to verify that you did upload proof of current certification. Then, send CRONA an email, and tell us what certification you submitted and what unit you work on.

If you did not upload proof of qualifying certification in time, or had not earned your certification by that time, you are still eligible to receive the first year’s $2000 payment – at the second payment date in May 2020. The deadline to upload the information to Healthstream is March 31, 2020 for payment in May of 2020. After that, certification pay will be $375 per quarter, with the first quarterly payment to be made in July 2020. Remember to keep your certification current and upload proof of current certification when you renew in order to qualify for ongoing payment.


Open Enrollment – Earlier Than Usual

Open Enrollment is scheduled early this year, September 30 – October 11, due to the new hospital transition at Stanford. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make changes to your benefits. If you have an HSA, you must re-elect to continue making a contributions. Benefits sign-up is online only.

The hospitals have the right to change insurance companies, but our contracts protect our benefits, including:

  • Must have one plan that offers self and children coverage for no charge (monthly premiums).
  • For health plans currently in effect, increases in the employee’s contribution cannot be greater than the percentage increase in the premium of that plan.
  • Must have one plan that offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) or other similar account that is owned by the enrolled Nurse and rolls over from year to year.

Separate But “Substantially Equivalent”

Our contracts require that the hospitals offer benefits to CRONA Nurses that are “substantially equivalent” to those offered to unrepresented employees. CRONA has pursued, and won, arbitration decisions when the hospitals attempted to offer benefits that violated our contract language. Every year, CRONA has the option to select the same plans offered to unrepresented employees – but we would be giving up our right to have a plan with no monthly premiums.

This year, if you have an HSA, you may notice that CRONA Nurses are not able to contribute quite as much as unrepresented employees. A CRONA Nurse may contribute up to $3350 single/$6750 with family, while a non-represented employee may contribute $3550 single/$7100 with family. That is because the hospitals have chosen to structure the HSA-eligible plan offered to CRONA Nurses with a maximum HSA contribution limit that is $200-350 less than what unrepresented employees can contribute. Do the hospitals have to do that? NO. They choose to – they want CRONA to give up our protected plans. Every year, CRONA reviews the plans the hospitals plan to offer and analyzes the differences between what is offered to CRONA Nurses and what is offered to non-represented employees. This year, as in past years, the CRONA Executive Board chose to keep the CRONA-only plans because overall, they make better financial sense for most CRONA Nurses.


New Nurse Practice and Workplace Violence Prevention Committee Members

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in the Nurse Practice committees and Workplace Violence Prevention Taskforce (SHC)/Workplace Violence Subcommittee (LPCH). Sam Novela (Psych H2) and Janelle Simpson (Float Pool) will be on SHC’s Workplace Violence Prevention Taskforce, Charon Brown (ICU – E29) and Annamarie Varo (Main Operating Room) will be on SHC’s Nurse Practice committee along with existing members Kathy Stormberg (Imaging Services, CRONA Vice President) and committee co-chair and CRONA President Colleen Borges. At LPCH, Fred Taleghani (Medical Transport – Pediatric Critical Care) and Adriana Karlis (Radiology-MRI 732 Welch Rd) will be on the Workplace Violence Subcommittee, and Carrie Bommarito (Neonatal ICU) and Nancy Uschersohn (Intermediate Care Nursery) will join Eileen Pachkofsky (Bass Center, CRONA Vice President) and CRONA President Colleen Borges on the Nurse Practice committee.


CRONA Convention

Area Representatives and CRONA Committee members, have you submitted your pay stub copy to CRONA for the Convention? Make sure you include:

  • your shift (day/evening/night/rotator)
  • length of shift (8, 10, or 12 hours)
  • your unit
  • Email pay stub to or fax to (650) 366-0182

Let CRONA know if you have an issue getting the Convention off. Schedule requests are about to close at SHC, and the schedule for LPCH is about to come out. Make sure that you entered your request to be off on Tuesday, October 1, either within your commitment or in addition to your commitment.


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