CRONA Newsletter February 16, 2020

Where is the Printed Contract?

You voted to ratify the contract in May 2019, so where is the printed version of the contract? There were some minor disagreements between CRONA and the hospitals about a few key details which took several months to work out. The contract is now being printed and will be available in early March.


Our contract is why we have our wages, benefits, and many of our working conditions. Make sure to familiarize yourself with it so you do not miss out on important benefits.


Know the Law: California School Activities Leave Law

California Labor Code Section 230.8 allows up to 8 hours a month of protected time off, to a maximum of 40 hours per year, for certain child care and school-related activities from kindergarten through grade 12.


What type of activities are included?

  • To find, enroll, or reenroll a child in a school or with a licensed child care provider, or to participate in the activities of the school or licensed child care provider, provided the employee gives the employer reasonable notice prior to taking the time off.
  • To address a child care provider or school emergency, if the employee gives notice to the employer. Emergencies mean that the employee’s child cannot remain with the school or child are provider due to a request for the child to be picked up related to a policy of the school or care provider except planned holidays; behavior or discipline problems; unexpected closure of the school or unexpected unavailability of the care provider; or a natural disaster.


Who is a “parent”?

  • Parent, guardian, stepparent, foster parent, or a grandparent of, or a person who stands in loco parentis of, a child.


If I am requested to provide proof, what is considered acceptable documentation?

  • “Documentation” means whatever written verification of parental participation the school or licensed child care provider deems appropriate and reasonable. For example, if you ask for documentation of attendance at a parent-teacher conference and the school provides a flyer announcing the date and time, your employer cannot ask you to go back and get a letter from the school principal.
  • Reasonable notification: Notify your manager as soon as possible. If you know 3 months out that there is a parent-teacher conference day, it is not reasonable to request time off the day before the conference. Instead, you should provide the information to your manager when you receive it. For example, if the notification for back to school night is not provided by the school until after the schedule is published, notify your manager as soon as you can – you still have to be provided the time if you notify when you find out, even if the schedule is published. If you get a call at work to come pick up your child due to a behavior issue, letting your manager know as soon as you receive the call is reasonable notice as it is not something you could have known about any sooner.


To read the law for yourself, use this link:


ADO: Assignment Despite Objection

Asking For Help In Real Time, Help Identify System Issues

Need the ADO form? It is on the CRONA website at the top of the home page, or click HERE for ADO form.


Thank you to every nurse who submitted an ADO this month. Having ADOs from all over the hospital communicates to CRONA and Nursing leadership that there are staffing problems throughout the hospital, especially in LPCH units that recently moved due to opening of new units in LPCH and in the many new units in 500P.


ADO discussions in recent months have had an impact on decisions to increase FTEs on some units, increase training on some units, and review the staffing grids and acuity system. Keep up the good work!


Certification Upload Deadline March 31, 2020

If you did not receive the $2000 certification payment last year, you have one more chance. Your proof of current certification must be uploaded to HealthStream by March 31st. Payment will be made in May 2020.


Uploading information means uploading a copy of the document showing you are currently certified, not just stating you are certified. Without proof, payment will be denied. Stanford even denied payment to a nurse whose certification certificate listed the issue date but did not list the expiration date, even though she earned the certification only six months prior. Nurses, particularly at Stanford, report that questions to CEPD are taking weeks and multiple emails to get answered, so if you have questions start asking now.


After the $2000 first contract year payment is made, ongoing payments of $375 per quarter (total of $1500 per year) will be made starting in July 2020.


A-Day Restrictions Start This Month

Both hospitals have restricted A-Days starting in February as a way of getting nurses to complete HealthStream. If there are surplus staff scheduled, nurses will be pulled from the count to work on HealthStream instead of being offered A-Days unless every nurse scheduled has already completed HealthStream.


Remember, you are still going to be held responsible for the content of HealthStream, so do not “click through” in order to finish quickly. Many units allow nurses to complete HealthStream modules at home, ask your manager if this is an option. If your unit is consistently too busy for you to complete HealthStream, ask for time out of the count. The hospitals require us to spend many hours on HealthStream; they are responsible for ensuring that time is available to complete the training.


There is also no “cap” or limit on the number of hours to complete HealthStream. Last year, a couple managers were telling nurses they are only allowed 4 paid hours for HealthStream. Twenty years ago, that may have been enough time, but the required modules are much more extensive now and many nurses require 10, 12, or more hours to review and test every module. Contact CRONA if your manager tells you there is a limit to paid HealthStream hours.


March Membership Webinar

There is a special training class for Area Representatives the first week of March, so there will not be in-person Area Rep/membership meetings in March. The in-person Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon meetings will resume in April. The monthly membership webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 4th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. Access code for the webinar will be sent out on the day of the webinar.

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