CRONA Newsletter May 21, 2020

Dear CRONA Nurses,

As we get closer to loosening restrictions on shelter in place orders, we still have concerns for our patients, our families, and ourselves. Your CRONA leadership team continues to meet with hospital leadership regularly to advocate for CRONA Nurses and for safe patient care. Thank you to the many CRONA Nurses who have shared their concerns and brought issues to our attention. It is with your strength and support that we all can succeed together.


In Unity,

Colleen Borges, President


Celebrating Nurses

We continue to celebrate Nurses Week with two more CRONA backpack giveaways. This week we had a drawing for nurses who submitted photos of CRONA Nurses – thanks for sending all the great pictures! The last drawing will be for sharing a story – nominate a CRONA Nurse who you feel deserves to be recognized, and briefly tell us why. Send your story to Backpack winners will be announced next week.


Watch Deadlines on ESL, Crisis Care Payments

Use of ESL for child/adult care closures, school closures ends May 22, 2020. You may still use ESL for the normal reasons – your own illness/injury, starting on 4th day of illness/ injury (or first day if admitted to a hospital).

Crisis Care ends May 31, 2020 – this is the $100 per day payments through Bright Horizons for care found through personal means.

Back-up care hours through Bright Horizons may be used through December 31, 2020. Your total allowed hours for back-up care and crisis care is 240 hours. Log in to Bright Horizons to view your remaining balance of hours. Back-up care includes care provided at a Bright Horizons facility or care in your home provided by a Bright Horizons caregiver.


1% Retention Incentive Pay – June 5th Paycheck

Correction from the hospitals – the 1% retention payment will be in the June 5, 2020 paycheck. This comes as good news for the many nurses also due certification pay this paycheck and were concerned about receiving both payments in one check.

Am I eligible for the Retention Incentive Pay?

If you were employed as a Nurse by SHC or LPCH continuously from May 8, 2019 through now, then you are eligible. Both Regular and Relief Nurses are eligible.

How will the 1% payment be determined?

It will be determined based on your FTE. This is the commitment you were hired for; it is not based on hours actually worked. If you took LOA you still receive the full payment. If you worked over your commitment you do not receive extra based on hours worked. Relief Nurses will be paid based on commitment, not on hours worked.

Where can I find the language of this agreement?

It is in the signed Tentative Agreement, available online:


Certification Pay – Final First Contract Year Payment Due

The $2000 payment for the first contract year will be included in this week’s paycheck.

I think I should have received the payment but I did not. What do I do? First, make sure you did not already receive the payment last fall, and ensure you uploaded proof of current certification to HealthStream no later than March 31, 2020. Then, email both the hospital and CRONA to report the issue.

LPCH: email and

SHC: email and


Certification Pay – June 1 Deadline to Upload for July $375 Payment

Starting in July, certification pay will be in quarterly installments of $375. You must have documentation showing proof of current certification uploaded to HealthStream by June 1st. If you received the first year payment and your certification is still current, you do not need to do anything and you will receive the first $375 payment with the paycheck for the first full pay period in July. If you haven’t already uploaded proof of certification, please do so now as time is running out.


Reprocessed N95 Masks

All new N95 masks have been marked with the letters “GAN” in preparation for future reprocessing. These are NEW, unused masks. “GAN” is the facility code for Stanford/Packard hospitals so the hospitals will receive back the same masks that were sent for cleaning. The hospitals had a trial of N95 mask collection in preparation for processing for reuse and will now be collecting masks to be sent for cleaning. There are special collection bins on some units, and collected masks will be sent to a facility for an FDA-approved cleaning process. As of now, no reprocessed masks have been issued to staff. Once a mask has been cleaned for reuse there will be a black line, like a hash or tick mark, on the mask to indicate that it was cleaned.


TWA – Time Off and Mandatory Cancellations

Managers were supposed to allow nurses to volunteer for time off based on adjusted minimum numbers. Some areas experienced increases in patient census earlier than anticipated and nurses were told that they had to return to work. This is not correct. Once the schedule is published, a manager may not make any changes without the consent of the nurse. Please notify CRONA if your manager tries to do this. Your manager may request that you work, and it is your decision to agree. Your CRONA leadership team advises that you consider returning to work if asked, unless you are not able to do so.


Involuntary cancellations – also known as mandatory A-time, must follow our contract language. Hospital policies for mandatory cancellations are aligned with contract language. Please let CRONA know if you are cancelled out of turn so we can assist you. Want to read the policies for yourself? We have hospital policies for Staffing Absent Day, Floating Guidelines, and Staffing and Scheduling available on the CRONA website:


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