CRONA Newsletter May 29, 2020

 Dear CRONA Nurses,

Countywide, COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are down, we have resumed elective procedures and routine care, and some restrictions are easing. Everything we have done together has helped get us to this point. But we are not out of the woods yet and it is no time to let down our guard. Please continue to be vigilant and keep ourselves, our families, and our patients safe. We should all have access to sufficient PPE and cleaning supplies – make sure to speak up if you experience shortages.


In Unity,

Colleen Borges, President



Certification Pay – June 1 Deadline

Have you uploaded proof of certification? The quarterly $375 payments start in July and you must have your documentation uploaded no later than June 1 to be eligible for the July payment. Uploaded documentation must match information entered on your HealthStream ePortfolio under Certification, including:

  • Full name of qualified Nurse
  • Name of national certification
  • Name of national organization
  • Active expiration date (if your certificate or letter does not include an active expiration date, it is your responsibility to provide proof showing length of active certification)


If you received payment for the first contract year and your certification is still valid, you do not have to do anything to remain eligible for continuing payments.


Celebrating Nurses

We continue to celebrate Nurses Week with our final CRONA backpack giveaway. This week we had a drawing for nurses who nominated a CRONA Nurse to be recognized. Thanks to everyone who took the time to recognize a fellow CRONA Nurse! Here are the winners:


  • Don Tran, nominating Ann Rovner SHC ICU K4
  • Ryan Kelley, nominating Nichole Burnham SHC AAU L5
  • Mary Gasgonia, nominating Michelle Alvarado LPCH PEC El Camino
  • Mari Roselle Tang, nominating Lisette Cozzolino and Leslie Griffith LPCH Bass Center


Crisis Care Payments Ending; Back-up Care Remains Available

Crisis Care ends May 31, 2020 – this is the $100 per day payments through Bright Horizons for care found through personal means.

Back-up care hours through Bright Horizons may be used through December 31, 2020. Your total allowed hours for back-up care and crisis care is 240 hours. Log in to Bright Horizons to view your remaining balance of hours. Back-up care includes care provided at a Bright Horizons facility or care in your home provided by a Bright Horizons caregiver.


Safe Staffing During TWA

The hospital is trying to save money by decreasing payroll costs, but that does not mean that care can be compromised. All nursing units must still staff by patient acuity, including during meal and rest breaks. If attempts to save money by reducing nurses results in unsafe/illegal staffing, notify your manager and write an ADO. We should still have the supplies we need to care for our patients and a clean environment. If cuts to non-nursing staff are impacting patient care, make sure to say something – an ADO and/or SAFE/iCARES report.


June 3rd Area Rep/Membership Webinar Meeting

Join CRONA at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 3 for our monthly online meeting. We are still not able to hold the monthly in-person meetings and must continue to look forward to the time when we will be able to meet in persona again. Please make sure to attend this month’s webinar meeting online. We’ll have information to share and will answer your questions. Stay informed, join us!


1% Retention Incentive Pay – June 5th Paycheck

Am I eligible for the Retention Incentive Pay?

If you were employed as a Nurse by SHC or LPCH continuously from May 8, 2019 through now, then you are eligible. Both Regular and Relief Nurses are eligible.

How will the 1% payment be determined?

It will be determined based on your FTE. This is the commitment you were hired for; it is not based on hours actually worked. If you took LOA you still receive the full payment. If you worked over your commitment you do not receive extra based on hours worked. Relief Nurses will be paid based on commitment, not on hours worked.

Where can I find the language of this agreement?

It is in the signed Tentative Agreement, available online:


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