Dear CRONA Nurses,

     CRONA stands in solidarity with those across the country demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many other Black individuals whose lives have been senselessly stolen. We recognize that their horrific murders are a symptom of longstanding, systemic racism, and that accountability and change are deeply necessary.

    We are members of a profession that cares for the injured and comforts those who are vulnerable. This is a moment of profound turmoil and grief, as we all confront the sickness of racism in our country and the unrest that has resulted. We have seen how structural inequality impacts our patients and our communities. However you are coping with this difficult time, we know you are continually asked to be healers, when so many are in need of healing. We encourage you to seek support from your CRONA community as we navigate this moment and move forward together, and we urge you to stay safe in light of current unrest and local government orders that affect us both at work and in our communities.

In Unity,

CRONA Executive Board

Colleen Borges, President; Eileen Pachkovsky, Vice President; Kathy Stormberg, Vice President; Kim Reed, Legislative Representative; Annamarie Varo, Secretary; Jolivette Enriquez, Treasurer; Geralyn Martinez, Nurse Advocate; Nancy Uschersohn, Nurse Advocate; Christi Decena, Nurse Advocate; Bonnie Balfour, Nurse Advocate.

CRONA Associate Nurse Advocates: Charon Brown and David Hernandez


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