CRONA Newsletter June 26, 2020


Hospitals Take Away Paid Administrative Leave for Nurses Told to Self-Quarantine

CRONA learned yesterday that the hospitals have unilaterally decided that, as of today (June 26), Nurses who are required to self-quarantine by occupational health due to a potential COVID-19 exposure will no longer be provided paid administrative leave. Instead, the hospitals say Nurses will have to file for state disability insurance (SDI). In addition, we’ve heard from at least one Nurse that her manager told her that the shift she will miss as the result of being required by the hospital to self-quarantine will be treated as an unexcused absence for purposes of the Attendance Policy.


The hospitals did not consult with CRONA before implementing these changes. As soon as we learned about them, we asked the hospitals to hold off until we have the change to discuss them. The hospitals went ahead anyway.


CRONA is deeply disappointed by the hospitals’ shortsighted decision to take away pay and protections for frontline healthcare workers in the middle of this pandemic. We also vehemently oppose any suggestion that a Nurse may be disciplined for having absences resulting from a self-quarantine that the hospital itself requires.


If you are told to self-quarantine and are not able to receive pay for your time, please let us know. If a manager says you will be treated as having an unexcused absence for attendance purposes as the result of the hospital’s requirement that you self-quarantine, please let us know.


CRONA will continue to push the hospitals to change course. They should not be punishing frontline workers for risking ourselves for our patients and our community.


Parking Update


As previously announced by the hospitals, parking enforcement will resume July 1 and you must have a permit for the lot in which you park. Starting in July there will also be two park and ride lots, one in Menlo Park and one in Newark, with shuttle service to the hospital. When CRONA noticed that the shuttle schedule for these lots did not start until 7:00 a.m. and ended at 7:00 p.m., we alerted Parking & Transportation Services that this shuttle schedule would not be functional for staff whose shifts start at 6:45 or 7:00 a.m. (standard inpatient shift start times at SHC and LPCH). In response to our feedback, the shuttle schedule will be adjusted. This adjustment will not take place immediately, so look for a future announcement about the shuttle schedule.



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