CRONA Newsletter July 3, 2020


Dear CRONA Nurses,

Many CRONA Nurses wrote to express their deep concerns about the hospitals’ abrupt discontinuation of the paid administrative leave program for COVID-19. CRONA brought your concerns to the hospitals, and we are pleased to announce that the hospitals heard you and have pledged to address your concerns. Expect to hear more about this over the next couple of weeks, and make sure to share your concerns and support.

Your CRONA leadership team works to represent you, but we can only do that with your help and support. Our unity is our strength, and will help us get through this crisis stronger than ever.


In Unity,

Colleen Borges, President



Important News About Paid Administrative Leave


CRONA met with leadership in Human Resources and Nursing from both hospitals yesterday. We brought up our many concerns with last week’s announcement about the immediate halt to paid administrative leave for COVID-19-related absences. The hospitals listened, and told us we had been heard. Through collaboration between CRONA and the hospitals in these discussions, there is now an agreement that the hospitals will pause the ending of paid admin leave for at least two weeks to allow time to take into account our concerns. We know that having a workplace where we as employees feel safe and supported is vital to our ability to provide the best care for our patients.

This pandemic is like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetimes and we want to make sure every nurse feels safe at work, feels safe disclosing possible COVID-19 symptoms, and has the information needed and knows what to expect. This pandemic crisis is ever-changing, and good communication is more important now than ever. Please continue to share your concerns and experiences – both good and bad, so we have the best possible information to help us address your concerns with the hospitals.

Hospital administration strongly stated to us that no employee should be penalized for attendance due to reporting COVID-19 symptoms, and the hospitals pledged to ensure that all managers know this. If you are told that you will receive attendance points related to COVID-19, please let us know so we can help.


July Membership Meeting


Wednesday, July 8th

8:00 – 10:00 PM


We won’t be able to meet in person this month, so make sure to attend the July online meeting. We will share what we’ve been doing to advocate for nurses, and answer your questions. An email with meeting login information will be sent out on July 8th. We hope to see you there!


Who Are CRONA Nurses?

Over the last few months, our news feeds have been filled with the personal stories and experiences of healthcare workers all over the nation. Those stories tell of struggles, challenges, and triumphs. It is great to know about the stories of others and learn about their experiences, but what about our stories?

One way we can support each other is to learn more about each other. What has it been like to work on the COVID-19 units at Stanford, or in the ED, or care for the new mom with COVID-19? With the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, and 50th anniversary of Pride celebrations, what are the stories of CRONA Nurses? What is it like to come to work in a hospital with a union after working in a non-union hospital? What is it like to be a nurse who is an immigrant?

Or do you have a different story to share? Please let us know – our Communications team would love to hear from you! Send us an email at We will be sharing these stories over the next several months, look for them in future newsletters.


Certification Pay


First Quarterly Payment. The first of the quarterly payments will be made in the paycheck for the first full pay period in July. “Full pay period in July” means that the beginning of the pay period must be in July. The payment will be made with the paycheck due on July 31.

Certification Extension. July 31 is the deadline to upload proof of certification to HealthStream for those who received an extension. The hospitals will pay both the $2000 first year payment and the July quarterly payment with the September payment. The hospitals will not be reviewing your documentation until after the deadline, so make sure to get your test completed as soon as possible and upload your complete documentation to HealthStream. If you have questions about the completeness and readability of the documentation you uploaded to HealthStream, contact the CPEI (LPCH) at or CEPD (SHC) at


Check Your Paychecks


It’s payday, have you reviewed your pay stub yet? If you wonder why we continue to include this reminder, hear what one CRONA Nurse has to say: “I finally checked my paycheck because you kept reminding me, and discovered that my hourly rate was wrong – and had been for over a year. I’m glad I finally took your advice, but wish I had done it sooner.” Did you get paid for all hours worked? Is your rate of pay correct? Are your PTO hours correct? Check your check – it’s your money.



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