CRONA Newsletter: November 1, 2020


Monthly CRONA Membership Webinar

The monthly membership webinar is Wednesday, November 11 from 8:00 – 10:00 PM. Join us to hear the latest news, ask questions, and hear what other nurses are asking about. Look for the login link in an email on the day of the webinar. Set a reminder to attend, we’ll see you on November 11th.

VOTE! Today is the last day to request time off for voting on November 3

If you didn’t already vote, make a plan now. California state law provides 2 hours paid time off – not from your PTO – for voting, if your work schedule does not allow you time to vote. You must ask for this time at least 2 days before Election Day. Today is the last day to request this time.


If you request time off to vote in accordance with the law and are denied, let CRONA know immediately.


Open Enrollment ends November 6th – only a few days left!

You must complete the open enrollment process, even if you choose the same insurance, in order to choose contributions to your HSA, FSA, or HRA for next year. Open enrollment is ONLINE ONLY this year, with a virtual benefits fair at For additional help, call the Health Benefits Service Center at 1-855-278-7157 (Monday – Friday 0500 – 1700 PST).


CRONA voting coming soon!

Every year, we ask the membership to approve our annual budget and any changes to our bylaws. It’s that time again – follow up on your engagement in national elections by voting on our budget and bylaws. Voting will be from Sunday, November 8 through Saturday, November 14. You will receive an separate email with a link to voting. CRONA is run by CRONA nurses, for CRONA nurses. It’s our union – your participation is vital.


ADO: Assignment Despite Objection

It is your legal right to object to an assignment that is unlawful or unsafe. As a patient advocate, it is your responsibility to ensure your patients are cared for safely. When there is a problem with your assignment, speak up! Then document your intervention by completing the ADO form. The ADO is a way to bring an issue to a higher level of attention. ADOs are reviewed every month by the Nurse Practice committee – a joint CRONA and Nursing leadership committee that write and reviews policies, reviews nursing practice issues, and reviews ADOs on a monthly basis. It is not a punitive process – it’s a high problem solving process.


What types of issues can be in an ADO?

Staffing – is your assignment within acuity and ratio?

Staffing – were you trained for your assignment?

Breaks – were you offered all of your breaks?

Breaks – was your assignment covered within ratio?

Equipment/supply – was there a safety issue due to lack of equipment or supplies?

Any issue impacting patient safety can be the reason for an ADO.


What is the ADO process?

First, bring the issue up in real time. You may be too busy to actually complete the ADO form during your shift, but you need to bring the issue to the attention of the Resource Nurse, manager, and/or nursing supervisor immediately. DO speak up for yourself and your patient(s) right away, DON’T tolerate an unsafe situation and make a complaint when it’s too late to address the issue.


Second, continue up your unit’s chain of command if the issue isn’t resolved. For example, what do you do if you are assigned too many patients based on patient acuity, and the Resource Nurse says, “sorry, the manager doesn’t want ut to call for ECB because of our budget.” You can 1) encourage the RSN to notify the manager that the unit is understaffed, then 2) call the manager on duty if the RSN isn’t willing to call the manager. Resource Nurses, you have a higher obligation to take action if the unit is understaffed – don’t allow yourself to be intimidate by fear of upsetting the manager. Patient safety and following the law is your job.


Third, say you are filing an ADO – and do it. “I think this issue needs to be looked at. This isn’t to get anyone in trouble, it’s to make things better.” Even if you bring up the issue and the problem is addressed, you can still file the ADO, especially if you think there is a larger systems issue that needs attention.


Where is the ADO form?

On the Forms page of the CRONA website:

Complete the form during your shift if you can. If you’re too busy, complete the form after your shift.


A word about pandemic precautions

Celebrating with food is something that can make a tough shift more bearable, celebrate a holiday or special event, or show our appreciation for others, but pot lucks and shared meals are something we’ve had to give up during the pandemic. CRONA was notified that a large exposure of nurses and other staff occurred in part because the unit held a pot luck meal and multiple people ate together without masks. It’s a tough time for all of us in so many ways, but please remember that we can’t share food together in groups right now. It’s going to be a more difficult holiday season without being able to have fun meals together at work. What other ways can we think of to celebrate safely? We’re all looking forward to sharing again, but right now we need to hold off on shared meals to protect ourselves, each other, and our patients.


Area Reps: Thanks for attending the 2020 CRONA Virtual Convention

Checks for Convention were mailed out last week, you should receive yours soon if you haven’t already. If you completed the course evaluation to receive CEU credit, your certificate will be included with your check.



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