CRONA newsletter 12-17-2020

 CRONA Newsletter: December 17 , 2020


Dear CRONA Nurses,

CRONA is not normally eager to recommend that nurses download hospital apps onto their personal phones, but these are not normal times. See the information below about getting a MyHealth account to facilitate scheduling your vaccination. Some CRONA nurses already received invitations to schedule COVID vaccination. We can all expect to receive these notifications in the coming few weeks. Even nurses on LOA are starting to receive these notifications. It is key that everyone has a MyHealth account because that is how vaccination scheduling will work.

Some of you may have already heard that some defective N95s were shipped to Stanford and may have been used by staff on certain units. This is a horrible occurrence, and potentially very frightening for nurses on those units who cared for COVID patients. CRONA is actively following this issue with the hospital. See the article below for a list of potentially affected units.

Our current surging COVID patient census reflects infection rates from one or more weeks ago. Infection rates have continued to climb, so we know we can expect more COVID patients. CRONA is actively engaged in discussions with the hospital about what measures can be taken to staff the hospital safely. We’ll follow up with more information when we have it.

In Unity,

Colleen Borges, President



Vaccine Logistics: Do you have a MyHealth account?

Some nurses already received an invitation to schedule vaccination, while others may have been sent an invitation but not know it because they don’t have a MyHealth account. Scheduling for your vaccination will be done via MyHealth and a notification will be sent to you when it is time for you to schedule (don’t panic if you didn’t receive a notification yet, everyone’s time will be coming soon!).


Scheduling Vaccination in MyHealth if you already have a MyHealth account:

  1. You will receive a scheduling invitation at the email address you associated with your MyHealth account.
  2. If you have the iPhone or Android MyHealth app on your phone, you will also receive a push notification through the app. To download the MyHealth app, go to your phone’s App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and enter the search terms “MyHealth” and “Stanford” to find the app.
  3. Log in to your MyHealth account, navigate to Appointment > Invitations.
  4. You will see a scheduling invitation for the vaccine. Click on the Schedule Now button and follow the prompts to complete scheduling.


If you do not have a MyHealth account:

  1. If Stanford Medicine has your cellphone number on file, you will receive a text message with a link to activate your MyHealth account.
  2. This link to sign-up for MyHealth will be active for only 2 hours. If you do not activate the account within 2 hours of receiving the link, you will have to request a new link by calling the MyHealth Service Desk at (866) 367-0758 or by visiting the support website:
  3. Click on the link, validate your date of birth and zip code, and create a username and password to activate your MyHealth account.


Defective N95 masks, consider getting tested if affected

Defective N95 masks were shipped to Stanford and stocked on some units. CRONA is following up with the hospital to learn more about this horrible and frightening issue. So far, the hospital did the right thing by notifying all employees about the issue. We will work to ensure this transparency is continued in the investigation of how this problem occurred.


Right now, you need to determine if you may have used one of these masks. Many of the boxes had not been opened, and it is not known how many of the masks were actually used. Here are the units where the defective mask lot numbers were stocked:


Stanford Health Care Stanford Children’s Health
  • Neurosciences Infusion
  • Endoscopy Palo Alto
  • E2
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • RWC – Central Supply
  • F3
  • E Ground
  • M6
  • K4
  • 300P Cath Lab
  • E1
  • F Ground
  • L5
  • M4
  • M7
  • ED – 500P
  • ED Entrance Security
  • E3
  • Blake Wilbur – OR (this probably means Lane OR)
  • Sunnyvale – Central Supply
  • PCU 300
  • EL Camino Sleep
  • PCU 500
  • PCU 400
  • PCU 360

Here are the lot numbers of the defective masks:

  • 1860: B20016, B20018, B20020, and R20142
  • 1860S: B20522


I may have used one of the defective N95s, can I get tested?

Yes! If you may have used one of these masks, you have the option to get tested for COVID and we advise that you do so. Per the information from the hospital, to get scheduled for defective N95 exposure testing, call the Stanford Healthcare Workforce Response Team (HRT) at 650-497-9595 and tell them you want testing for possible exposure related to defective N95s.


Remember, it is policy that you may continue to work if you were exposed, unless you develop symptoms. Continue to come to work, wear your PPE at work, and do not remove your mask at work near others, especially during meal times. If you develop symptoms, call HRT immediately to get scheduled for testing and for further instructions.


Don’t rely on rumor – get the facts!

This is a time of heightened stress and adversity, and it is important to keep a clear head and stay informed. There are many rumors going around; some of them are wild, most of them are untrue. Your CRONA leadership team wants you to be informed, and we are working to keep you informed. We will likely have another webinar within a few days, we are working to have more information to share so we can answer your questions. Look for an announcement email from us. Things are moving and changing fast, it’s important to pay attention.


If you hear something that seems ridiculous, ask for the source of the information and look it up for yourself. It it’s manager hearsay and no written source, ask CRONA. Thank you to the nurses who did ask questions, because those nurses helped others and got answers for themselves. We’re all better when we stick together, and when we use our nursing judgment, which is the core of who we are as nurses.



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