CRONA Newsletter: January 7, 2022


COVID Quarantine Update


Dear CRONA Nurses,


In light of the hospitals’ announcement of COVID-19 isolation protocols today, CRONA wants to be very clear that it does not support a shortening of the isolation period for Nurses and other healthcare workers who are positive for COVID-19—and that the hospitals’ revised policy does not require Nurses to return to work before the end of a 10-day isolation period.


Based on CRONA’s discussions with the hospitals, Nurses may “test out” of isolation if they wish, but are under no obligation to do so. While CRONA is disappointed by the hospitals’ decision to allow healthcare workers with “symptoms…mild enough to work” to return to work, CRONA also wants Nurses to understand that they are not being required to return to work while still symptomatic. CRONA asked that the hospitals clarify to all healthcare workers that they are not required to “test out” early from quarantine, and also that the option to test out begins on the 5th (or 7th) day – it does not prevent employees from testing out on, for example, the 8th day, if that is when they are fully recovered and ready to return to work. Nurses should be active partners in determining when they are fit to return to work. To maintain the high quality of patient care CRONA Nurses are proud to deliver, we strongly encourage all to recover fully before returning to work.


Earlier this week, CRONA asked the hospitals to confirm that Nurses would have access to COVID-related supplemental leave, to ensure that Nurses are able to stay out of work while they are ill and still infectious. At a minimum, we believe the hospitals should return the balances of employees’ COVID-related supplemental leave. But with the Omicron variant running rampant, it is clear additional supplemental leave is needed.


In Unity,


Colleen Borges

President, CRONA

A Brief Update on Contract Negotiations…


Our contract negotiations are due to start soon. We don’t have an exact start date as we are still working out logistical issues with the hospitals. Our Negotiations Team is hard at work preparing proposals based on your priorities. Look for updates to become more frequent in the weeks ahead. We hope to have more information available by the time of this month’s membership webinar, and will share all current updates with you.

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