CRONA again calls on the hospitals to immediately reinstate COVID leave pay because it is vital to keeping Nurses healthy at work. As the Omicron variant rages on, Nurses continue to become ill with COVID. Nurses should not feel pressured to return to work for financial reasons. The decision to return to work should be based on the Nurse’s health and readiness to provide world class patient care.


CRONA has been calling on the hospitals to reinstate COVID leave pay to support Nurses and other healthcare workers during this surge. This is extremely important given the increasing pressures on health care workers to return to work.


Remember, the length of time a Nurse must quarantine is determined on an individual basis, with the Nurse an active partner in making the determination. The 5-day quarantine is a minimum quarantine option under the hospitals’ current policy, with 10 days still the standard isolation time for which a Nurse does not have to “test out” in order to return to work. Our patients need us to be well and not infectious, and we deserve the ability to have the recovery time we need.


CRONA has heard from many Nurses who are currently ill, or have recently been ill, with COVID and are distressed by the lack of support from the hospitals in the form of paid time off during their illness and isolation time. CRONA Nurses stand in solidarity with their colleagues who are not currently well enough to stand with us at work. We urge Stanford Health Care and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford to reconsider their stance on paid time off for employees affected by COVID.


In Unity,


Colleen Borges, President



January 14, 2022

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