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My 2000 Strike Story: Jacquette Ward →

My 2000 Strike Story: Jacquette Ward On June 7, 2000, CRONA Nurses went on strike. Striking was a new experience for me. The day the strike began, I was with the many other CRONA Nurses by the fountains in front of the hospital, holding signs to show our strength and unity. As we stood together, […]

Friends of CRONA: Emily Rubin on the Oakland Teachers’ Strike →

Friends of CRONA: Emily Rubin on the Oakland Teachers’ Strike Emily Rubin I started teaching transitional kindergarten at Glenview Elementary in Oakland this year. The first year of teaching at a school is bonkers no matter where you are, but the Oakland teachers’ strike made it a wild time to start. There is something that […]

My 2000 Strike Story: Fred Taleghani →

My 2000 Strike Story: Fred Taleghani  It had been a typical busy night in the PICU. I had been at the hospital just over a year and had really settled in into my new unit and routine. As always, the PICU was short-staffed so I had picked up an extra shift. I sat eating my dinner in a quiet place to unwind and relax, before heading back […]

CRONA! The Beginnings… →

CRONA! The Beginnings… By Marion L. Mullin, RN and Founder and First Chairman of CRONA Abridged from CRONA Newsletter Vol 14, 1994. It is difficult to be brief and totally objective about CRONA and its beginnings, having been so deeply involved in such an emotional and revolutionary time for nurses at Stanford. And even after […]

Special Message for CRONA Nurses from a Strike 2000 CRONA Nurse →

Special Message for CRONA Nurses from a Strike 2000 CRONA Nurse Dear Nurses, I was present for the 2000 strike. It took the hospital 52 days to show the Nurses that we were valued. For those 52 days, CRONA and its members showed everyone what unity among Nurses looked like, and what was gained from […]

CRONA Voices: On Retention →

I see so many Nurses leave because “they can’t keep working this much or this hard.” Stanford needs to look at cost in the LONG run instead of the short run. New hires may be cheaper, but we put in time and money to train them and they end up with an even better resume […]

CRONA Voices: A long-time CRONA Nurse Sounds the Alarm About Standing Strong →

CRONA Nurses are writing in and sounding the alarm.  Here’s what we heard from a Nurse with more than 30 years at Stanford: “I’ve been through renovations, construction and now more construction. As Stanford gets bigger the nurses get smaller. I mean smaller in how nurses are valued by the hospital.  There is so much […]

CRONA Voices: On Part Time →

Your CRONA team is at the bargaining table this week, working hard to make the hospitals a place Nurses want to come and stay.  Thanks to all who have written us.  Here’s another Nurse’s story: “I work a part-time position.  But in all honesty, the only reason I have stayed at Stanford for so long […]

CRONA Voices: On Attendance Policy →

Dear CRONA members, Getting discipline for being sick is an outrageous idea in healthcare. As a patient, I would not want myself or a loved one to be cared for by a nurse who is sick. In the past, the hospital had a more severe policy that reviewed sick calls over one month, quarterly, and […]

CRONA Voices: On Part-Time Positions →

Dear fellow CRONA Nurses, I am a nurse on the PNDP ladder and have worked at Stanford hospital for over 15 years. I work part-time, and occasionally pick up extra shifts to help staff my unit. I can honestly tell you that the only reason I’ve been able to stay here this long is because […]

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