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CRONA Voices: On Part Time →

Your CRONA team is at the bargaining table this week, working hard to make the hospitals a place Nurses want to come and stay.  Thanks to all who have written us.  Here’s another Nurse’s story: “I work a part-time position.  But in all honesty, the only reason I have stayed at Stanford for so long […]

CRONA Voices: On Attendance Policy →

Dear CRONA members, Getting discipline for being sick is an outrageous idea in healthcare. As a patient, I would not want myself or a loved one to be cared for by a nurse who is sick. In the past, the hospital had a more severe policy that reviewed sick calls over one month, quarterly, and […]

CRONA Voices: On Part-Time Positions →

Dear fellow CRONA Nurses, I am a nurse on the PNDP ladder and have worked at Stanford hospital for over 15 years. I work part-time, and occasionally pick up extra shifts to help staff my unit. I can honestly tell you that the only reason I’ve been able to stay here this long is because […]

CRONA Voices: On Vacation Time and Staffing Shortages →

Dear CRONA Negotiation Team, A year ago, CRONA had to fight to make sure all CAPR (Cath Angio Procedure Recovery) Nurses got the chance to take pre-approved vacations. Recently we received an email from management indicating that due to short staffing, they are now reverting back to the problematic vacation numbers (reducing vacations from three […]

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