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COVID-19 Updates and Pay Updates 3/29/2020 →

March 29, 2020 Dear CRONA Nurses, This newsletter is divided into two sections: COVID-19 updates and related issues, and regular news and updates including $$ news and deadlines. Both sections contain important information so please read the entire newsletter. In Unity, Colleen Borges, President CRONA   COVID-19 Updates   Advocating for Nurses – What CRONA […]

CRONA Newsletter: COVID-19 Update March 20, 2020 →

 March 20, 2020   Dear CRONA Nurses, Conditions are changing on a daily basis in patient care, state and public heath agencies, and the CDC. We are all going to do our very best for our patients, for each other, ourselves, and our families. We still have a contract, and CRONA is still to represent […]

CRONA Newsletter: COVID-19 Update March 13, 2020 →

March 13, 2020 Dear CRONA Nurses,  We face a health crisis unlike anything most of us have ever seen. Your CRONA leadership is working constantly to advocate for all CRONA Nurses. Throughout the week we met multiple times with the administration of both hospitals to address your concerns about staff safety, patient care, crisis management, and pay […]

CRONA Newsletter 3-3-20: Certification Deadline, Search Tutorial, Contracts Available! →

CRONA Newsletter March 3, 2020 The 2019 – 2022 Contract: Paper Copies Now Available Our contract is why we have our wages, benefits, and many of our working conditions. Make sure to familiarize yourself with it so you do not miss out on important benefits. The contract is available either online or hard copy. Paper […]

CRONA Newsletter 2/16/20: School Leave, ADOs, Certification Pay, A-Days on Hold →

 CRONA Newsletter February 16, 2020 Where is the Printed Contract? You voted to ratify the contract in May 2019, so where is the printed version of the contract? There were some minor disagreements between CRONA and the hospitals about a few key details which took several months to work out. The contract is now being […]

Meal and Rest Breaks, Use of ADOs, 2019 Elections: CRONA Newsletter 11/9/2019 →

CRONA Newsletter, November 8, 2019 Meal and Rest Breaks* A Summary of Key Points About Breaks It was recently brought to CRONA’s attention that there are issues with Nurses on your unit not getting all of their legally mandated breaks. Your break time is important. The hospital must provide you all of your breaks, and […]

Money Matters, Benefits, ADOs: CRONA Newsletter 12/28/2019 →

CRONA Newsletter December 28, 2019 Dear CRONA Nurses, The end of year is a time to take stock and plan for the future. Your CRONA contract provides a variety of negotiated benefits and now is a good time to make sure you are getting the most from your benefits. In Unity, Colleen Borges, President CRONA […]

Safe Staffing – CRONA Needs Your ADOs →

Dear CRONA Nurses, Some of the stories coming from the new 500P units are alarming. If your staffing is low, you are going out of ratio to take breaks, or have other staffing issues, please let CRONA know about it. More importantly, seek assistance in real time and file an Assignment Despite Objection form. Thank […]

Staffing by Acuity, Breaks, Webinar Q&A 12-7-2019 CRONA Newsletter →

CRONA Newsletter December 7, 2019 Thank you to all the nurses who attended our special Title 22, staffing and acuity webinar last Wednesday. Much information was shared, and many nurses followed up with additional questions. There were requests to make the information available for all nurses. Please read this newsletter to learn more.   Staffing […]

2019 CRONA Educational Scholarship – Apply Now →

As part of our commitment to nursing education, CRONA offers $500 scholarships to be applied to expenses for a nursing or health-related degree. As our membership numbers have increased, we’ve upped the number of scholarships available to twelve (12). Deadline to apply: Sunday, December 15, 2019 by 23:59 How To Apply:  Complete the Application form, […]

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