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Newsletter 12/17/20: Vaccines and Defective N95s →

CRONA newsletter 12-17-2020  CRONA Newsletter: December 17 , 2020   Dear CRONA Nurses, CRONA is not normally eager to recommend that nurses download hospital apps onto their personal phones, but these are not normal times. See the information below about getting a MyHealth account to facilitate scheduling your vaccination. Some CRONA nurses already received invitations […]

CRONA December Webinar Q&A →

CRONA newsletter 12-10-2020 CRONA Newsletter: December10 , 2020   Dear CRONA Nurses,   As COVID-19 accelerates its spread through our communities and our hospitals, things are changing at an ever-faster rate. We just had a membership webinar, and thank you to the hundreds of nurses who attended. For those who didn’t attend, we are publishing […]

CRONA Newsletter December: COVID Updates, Scholarship, and More →

CRONA newsletter 12-6-2020 CRONA Newsletter: December 6, 2020 From the CRONA President Dear CRONA Nurses,   Thank you for being fantastic nurses in such a crazy year.  I realize that many of us have suffered so much this year, and at times may be struggling to just get by ourselves.  Your dedication to CRONA, to […]

CRONA Newsletter 11/1/20: Open Enrollment, Voting, ADOs, and more →

CRONA Newsletter: November 1, 2020   Monthly CRONA Membership Webinar The monthly membership webinar is Wednesday, November 11 from 8:00 – 10:00 PM. Join us to hear the latest news, ask questions, and hear what other nurses are asking about. Look for the login link in an email on the day of the webinar. Set […]

CRONA Newsletter: October 14, 2020   Monthly CRONA Membership Webinar Monthly membership webinar is Wednesday, October 14 from 8:00 – 10:00 PM. We usually do not hold membership meetings in the month of October because that is when we hold the annual CRONA Convention, but there is so much going on this year that we […]

CRONA Newsletter 9/13/2020: Voting, Webinar Q&A →

CRONA Newsletter September 13, 2020 Dear CRONA Nurses, We are now making our schedule requests for the schedule that includes Election Day, November 3. For those who will have the day off, consider volunteering to work the polls. Many veteran poll workers are older, retired people who may not volunteer this year due to concerns […]

CRONA Newsletter 7/3/2020: Important Update About Paid Admin Leave →

CRONA Newsletter July 3, 2020   Dear CRONA Nurses, Many CRONA Nurses wrote to express their deep concerns about the hospitals’ abrupt discontinuation of the paid administrative leave program for COVID-19. CRONA brought your concerns to the hospitals, and we are pleased to announce that the hospitals heard you and have pledged to address your […]

6/26/20 Newsletter: Hospitals Announce End to Paid COVID-19 Leave →

CRONA Newsletter June 26, 2020   Hospitals Take Away Paid Administrative Leave for Nurses Told to Self-Quarantine CRONA learned yesterday that the hospitals have unilaterally decided that, as of today (June 26), Nurses who are required to self-quarantine by occupational health due to a potential COVID-19 exposure will no longer be provided paid administrative leave. […]

6/19/20 Newsletter: Webinar Q&A, and more →

CRONA Newsletter June 19, 2020   Dear CRONA Nurses, Today we commemorate Juneteenth, a day that marks the end of slavery in America, when slaves in Galveston, Texas finally received word that they were free. We know that the legacy of slavery did not end there; it has persisted through generations and impacts all of […]

CRONA Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter →

Dear CRONA Nurses,      CRONA stands in solidarity with those across the country demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many other Black individuals whose lives have been senselessly stolen. We recognize that their horrific murders are a symptom of longstanding, systemic racism, and that accountability and change are deeply necessary.     We are […]

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