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Know Your Contract July 19, 2019: Retro Pay, Holiday Bundling, CRONA Vacancies, and More →

Know Your Contract – Know Your Rights CRONA Newsletter – July 19, 2019   Check Your Checks – SHC Retro Pay Due This Paycheck   SHC Nurses – your retro payments are supposed to be in today’s paycheck. LPCH Nurses, you should have received your payments last month. LPCH was able to calculate retroactive wage […]

CRONA Newsletter July 5, 2019 →

Certification Pay – Deadline Coming Up!   There are just a few days left til the July 8 deadline to upload proof of certification in order to receive payment of $2000 on September 13, 2019. This information must be uploaded to your Profile in Healthstream. For Nurses currently on LOA who do not have Healthstream […]

Know Your Contracts – Know Your Rights June 22, 2019 →

Dear CRONA Nurses, During negotiations, your CRONA Negotiation Team worked hard to make sure all nurses were fully informed about the progress of negotiations, and the proposed contract language being discussed at the bargaining table. Now that negotiations are over, we still have a lot of work to do to make sure the hospitals follow […]

Know Your Contracts – Know Your Rights           June 15, 2019 →

CRONA thanks all the members who have been writing in with questions about the new contracts and to let us know where the hospitals are falling short. We know summer is a busy time for everyone – but want to make sure that upcoming dates are on your radar.  CRONA is here for you.  Get […]

Are You Being Paid Correctly? Know Your Contract – Know Your Rights →

CRONA Will Not Stand for Stanford Hospital’s Violation of the New Contract. All CRONA Nurses Should Be Receiving the Benefits of the Newly Negotiated Contracts. CRONA is committed to making sure Nurses know their rights under the new labor contracts and making sure the hospitals fulfill their obligations under the new contracts. Thanks to everyone […]

Know Your Contracts – Wages and Other Updates →

Know Your Contracts – Know Your Rights Thank you again to all CRONA Nurses for staying involved and engaged during contract negotiations. Thanks to our unity, we have new labor contracts with the hospitals and are excited to start enforcing them. CRONA will continue to stand strong for Nurses’ rights, including those under the new […]

It’s Official! New 2019 – 2022 CRONA Contract Ratified →

New CRONA Contract Ratified We did it! After months of negotiations with the hospitals, over two-thirds of CRONA Nurses have voted to ratify a new contract with Stanford Health Care and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. This contract protects and supports Nurses and our patients. It is a contract that we can all be proud of. […]

Tentative Agreement Reached: Ratification Vote May 8 →

Tentative Agreement Reached: Ratification Vote May 8 On Friday night, into Saturday morning, and then again until late yesterday evening, CRONA has been negotiating to bring this process over the finish line. These negotiations came down to the wire, but the hospitals have finally agreed to a contract that Nurses can be proud of. CRONA’s […]

Update: Mediation Sessions & Next Steps →

Mediation Update After CRONA called for a strike authorization vote, the hospitals requested the involvement of a federal mediator. Your negotiating team met twice this week with the hospitals and the federal mediator, but we were not able to reach an agreement. Next week, CRONA will assess whether it makes sense to agree to another mediation […]

My 2000 Strike Story: Fred Taleghani →

My 2000 Strike Story: Fred Taleghani  It had been a typical busy night in the PICU. I had been at the hospital just over a year and had really settled in into my new unit and routine. As always, the PICU was short-staffed so I had picked up an extra shift. I sat eating my dinner in a quiet place to unwind and relax, before heading back […]

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