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SHC/LPCH Retiree Medical Benefit Information

Retiree Medical Insurance


SHC/LPCH CRONA Contract 2013 – 2016

To view the SHC CRONA Contract online, you will have to use the SHC Intranet. Open the SHC Intranet.
Click on the Human Resources Tab -> click on Employee and Labor Relations link -> click on the SHC CRONA Collective Bargaining Agreement (2013-2016).

To view the LPCH CRONA Contract online, you will have to use the LPCH Intranet. Open the LPCH Intranet.
Click on the Human Resources Tab -> click on Employee and Labor Relations link -> click on the LPCH CRONA Collective Bargaining Agreement (2013-2016).

If you wish a copy of the Contract, contact the CRONA office 650 366 0156, email, fax 650 366 0182, or write CRONA, 499 Seaport Court, Suite 202, Redwood City, CA 94063.


Tips to help ensure accurate paychecks:

Essential tips and troubleshooting advice.

1. Keep track of your work time by keeping a personal data file, i.e., appointment book, palm pilot, or any type of PDF.

2. Check your paycheck every pay period against your personal data file.

3. When taking “A” time, inform the Resource Nurse and/or Staffer at the time of the phone conversation how you want to be compensated:

a) PTO,
b) ATO, or
c) not be paid (unpaid).

4. Every day that you work, review RESQ at Stanford Children’s Health or API at Stanford Health Care:

a. ensure accuracy, i.e., missed breaks, overtime, double-time, SNC.

5. Make corrections prior to the end of the pay period.

6. Check your paycheck every pay period. For errors:

a. email (not phone) your manager. Be clear and concise.

b. cc: CRONA on all of your emails related to Paycheck errors.

7. For any questions, please call the CRONA office at 650-366-0156 or  send us email.


Filing a formal complaint against your medical plan

If you have a problem with your medical plan (insurance) regarding coverage or with payments, you should call the Benefits Office. In addition, you can call the CRONA office 650 366 0156 or
contact us by email.

If after all these steps, there remains an unresolved issue, you can file a formal complaint.

If you need to file a formal complaint about your medical plan, follow the following steps:

Write a letter of complaint to the medical insurance carrier, i.e. PPO or Kaiser. If the insurance carrier does not respond within thirty (30) days, or if you are not satisfied with their response, contact:

The Department of Managed Health Care
980 9th Street, Suite 500
Sacramento, CA. 95814


Calling the Help Line at 1-888-466-2219


Downloading the Consumer Complaint Form at

1) Click on “Getting Help With Your HMO”

2) Click on “Consumer Complaint Form”

3) Attach Additional pages, if necessary.

4) Mail the complaint form to the above address or Fax 1-916-229-0465.

You will receive a letter from the Department of Managed Health Care confirming receipt of your complaint. A case number will be assigned to your complaint. A second letter will be sent to you within thirty (30) days with the outcome of your complaint.


HR Retirement Workshop reminder: Last Thursday of most months.

A reminder that HR has a Retirement Workshop every Last Thursday of the month except November and December in the LPCH Auditorium 1200 to 1330.