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Section I CRONA Board Members Position Descriptions

General Responsibilities of Executive Board Members
Executive Vice President and
LPCH Vice President Position Descriptions
Legislative Representative Position Description
Treasurer Position Description
Secretary Position Description
Information Technology Management

Section II Adminstrative Policies and Procedures

Adjust Number of Area Representatives per Nursing Unit
CRONA Scholarship Policy and Procedure
Electronic File Mailings
Handling of Membership Lists
Officer Time Card Procedure
Officer Vacancy Procedure
Standing Committee Vacancy Procedure
Reimbursement of Expenses Procedure

Section III Equipment Operation and Procedures

Sound Equipment Set up
Projector-Laptop Interface Setup

Section IV Guidelines for CRONA & Hospitals Interfaces

Guidelines for Voting for new 8/10/12 hours shifts Mix
FAQs for all New 8/10/12 Hours Shift Mix
Guidelines for Grievance and Arbitration
New Hires Orientation

Section V CRONA Bylaws